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Our Services

AB Wolfe & Co provides the highest quality debt recovery service and representation to Irish and overseas clients. We provide guidance and support at all stages from pre-legal, formal demand letter to culmination of the debt recovery process through enforcement in all courts and jurisdictions, both within and outside Ireland.

The service includes:

  • pre-legal demands, formal demand letters, and follow up
  • review of instructions to ensure compliance with statutory requirements, check the claim is maximised and, particularly that it makes sense
  • issue and service of a Claim Notice, Civil Bill or High Court Summons as appropriate to the referral
  • timely application for judgment where the claim is undefended
  • regular advice to client and debtor of action being proposed and/or taken. Clients can select the manner in which they would prefer to receive advice, whether by electronic means, by email, by letter or in report form. Registered clients can access their cases online for greater efficiency and up-to-the-minute status information
  • deal with correspondence or queries with debtors in a timely and sensible manner
  • if a case is defended, endeavour to deal with it in an efficient and pragmatic way, constantly being aware of cost and the objective
  • registration of judgments, both in the Register of Judgments with consequent publicity and as judgment mortgages
  • employing enquiry, searching and tracing agents to trace and verify data on debtors and property
  • pursuing enforcement proceedings towards Instalment and Committal Orders if necessary
  • instructing sheriffs to seize and sell debtors assets
  • bankruptcy or liquidations in appropriate cases
  • examining debtors and related persons such as company directors as to the whereabouts of assets to help with the execution of judgments
  • flexible and efficient billing of charges and disbursements
  • immediate advice to you when money is collected and quick remittance of money collected to you. As solicitors, money collected for clients is protected.

Our Charges

Our charges are highly competitive but vary in relation to different types and volumes of work. Please contact a member of our Team with a description of the case or cases with which you require assistance and we will revert promptly with an accurate quotation.

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